About Us

As a young girl growing up on Cape Cod, Meredith Fancy fell under the spell of artistic influence and guidance from her aunts. Little did she think, when she began making floral bouquets as gifts, that her hobby would become her life’s work.

In 1981, Meredith and her husband, Art, opened Fancy Farm Market in East Orleans, and by 1982 Meredith had added the floral component to the other varied aspects of the operation. Blessed with a creative eye, intuitive personal skills and attention to detail, the flower business flourished, with Meredith’s talents lending unique style and beauty to events, from high-end to low-end.

Each bride has her own unique, individual style and vision. I work with those ideas to fashion a blend of colors and textures through floral arrangements that enhance and contribute to the wedding success. In order for me to understand the wants of each bride, it is helpful if she has collected pictures of what she likes. Often the many pictures emerge as her style and then guide the rest of the planning process.

And the rest is history–as evidenced by excerpts of letters from happy clients:

“Thank you for your patience and guidance in helping me make floral selections.”

“Really enjoyed working with you because you immediately put me at ease and expressed understanding and excitement in my somewhat frugal choices that turned out to be different and elegant.”

“Told me how very professional and pleasant you were to work with and how worry-free her experience was.”

“Thank you very much for creating just the look I had hoped for-and then some! It can be difficult to communicate the look, and feel of a picture on one’s mind. Your heard me, and then created it, and I am very impressed.”

Fancy Flowers by Meredith